FLL: Into Orbit

What isĀ FIRST LEGO League?

Elementary school students from grades 4-8 work together to find solutions to real world problems, in example: food safety and recycling, by using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Teams design and build a Lego robot and compete on a themed table-top playing field.

FIRST LEGO League uses place based learning to focus on each individual teams’ own community, to focus the children on local problems to help them learn how they can help.

For FLL related questions contact, bgilberston@glacialhills.org

How is team 3313 involved in FLL?

Some students from our own team 3313 helped mentor FLL team 43037 Space Pirates.

We hosted both the Just For Fun tournament, where rookie teams were able to practice, and the FLL Regional Tournament at the Discovery Middle School here in Alexandria, Minnesota.