Team 3313 has put an extensive effort into going green during the 2020 season. We’ve become apart of two initiatives, Project 330 led by team 1506 Metal Muscle, and the Go Green Challenge put on by 4539 Kaotic Robotics.

Project 330

Project 330 is a group of people and FIRST Robotics teams striving to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing plastic pollution. The initiative got its name from Team 330, The Beach Bots.

Team 3313 has made an effort to reduce their plastic consumption by using more reusable materials and recycling things that are one time uses. We are planning on reducing our plastic consumption during regionals by making our own food on the trip instead of opting for other dining options.

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Go Green Challenge

The Go Green Challenge is focused on collecting and recycling pop cans. So far, Team 3313 has collected 195 pop cans so far. We will be bringing the cans to a local recycling plant to benefit our FLL and FTC teams. We have also been taking the pop tabs off of the cans to donate to Ronald Mcdonald House Charities.

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